Introduction: Vibration Cutting-Songs Poster

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What can we do with a poster?

Can you imagine that a picture or poster sing or talk? As a technical staff, today, I will teach you how to make a poster lively and interesting. You can even interactive with your pictures. Let’ s come and see.
The common poster or pictorial is just like the picture show.

Step 1: Inspiration

You must be curious, why am I want to do such thing? the original idea is to want to do a portrait (this painting can be your BOSS), and then, when I want to release the pressure, or want to vent, I throw a piece of paper on it, and then listen to its screams, It is simply the programmer decompress artifact. but at the moment, let's do a throw ingress can give us a poster to sing. After careful selection, I pick up the following one(picture attach)

Imagine if there was a desire to hit the bull's-eye!

Step 2: Circuit Design

First, you need to design circuit, in fact, is very simple, get this picture frame, I found the whole picture is very tight, the back of the poster is empty, when you flick the picture with your fingers, you can easily feel the vibration(it is the way of interactive) , that is vibration, this is not difficult for me to engage in technology, After a night of design and drawing, the circuit board was soon completed, and it was like this

Step 3: Welded Circuit Board

Now it is easy for PCB sample making. It is too convenient for DIY makers.

Step 4: Programming Code

After the hardware is all done, then start to programming code.( for code, you can contact us if you need ).

Nextchoose your favourite songs and copy to the SD card

Step 5: Assembling

Finally fixed it in the back of the picture frame, the board itself comes with a small amplifier, so directly to a small horn can play the sound, of course, if you feel that the sound is not enough, the board also reserved 3.5mm audio terminal seat, plug in the amplifier.

Step 6: Completed

There's nothing special about the appearance, however, throw a paper ball, you will find it different.

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