Introduction: Victorian Vampire Costume

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This costume is comprised of individual components that took me nearly two months to create.

I have added basic instructions on how to create each piece but have also included the full Instructable and/or Youtube video where I can

Step 1: Create the Bustle Skirt

What you need:


Needle and thread

Sewing machine





The bustle skirt can be made from any fabric.

I used an old curtain because it was a nice thick fabric, a fabulous colour and also had some hems already in it.

Begin with the back. Place a hem in the top and thread some ribbon through it.

Then gather and pin the back and hand tack each pin to create a beautiful pattern and drape.

Then for the front, do a hem, a similar gather and pin, only making it shorter.

And then thread the front through the ribbon, pin and hem both of the sides together.

Using a ribbon means you don't need a zipper.

And last for the bustle, get an old pair of stockings and tie off the legs.

Add stuffing to the butt part.

Hem one final piece of smaller fabric and pin again to cover the stuffed stocking and sit at the top of the back part of the skirt.

For full comprehensive details, you can look at the full instructable here:

Alternatively my full Youtube video

Step 2: Make Small Victorian Top Hat

What you need:

Tape measure


Glue gun


Needle and thread



Measure out the size of your head and cut that out into cardboard and glue it to make an oval.

Then use that oval band to draw the oval into the cardboard.

Find the middle of this oval and draw a circle roughly around 5cm around the outside.

Add tabs to the inside. Cut it out and fold the tabs inward - this is the brim.

Measure out the height of the hat that you wish and again the length to fit onto the brim.

Glue this tube together - this will be the body of the hat.

Then using the tube, draw one more oval into the card, add tabs to the outside and cut out.

Then fold and stick this to the inside of the tube to become the top of the hat.

Then cut black felt.

One piece for the top. One piece for the tube and two pieces for the brim - one for the top and one for the bottom.

Glue all the pieces on, trim to size and hand sew to perfect.

Add any decorations you need.

For the full instructable click here:

For the Youtube video:

Step 3: Make a Bird Skull Decoration

What you need:

Air drying clay


Paint brush

Using air drying clay, roll out a ball first.

A handy tip is to keep water with you to help you smooth out any lines and folds.

Elongate the front to make a beak

Add eyeholes and remove excess clay inside.

Using the back of a paintbrush, add the shape of the beak connection, nostrils and the beak line.

Allow it to air dry and glue in onto the top hat

For the full video click here:

Step 4: Make the Choker

What you need:


Needle and thread



Tape Measure

Measure around your neck and add a couple of centimteres

Cut this length out of felt - make it as wide as you want.

Add a little wavey pattern.

Add a button at the back on one side and on the other side, cut a tiny hole for it to fit through

Finally add the brooch to the front of the choker.

For the full instructable click here:

Step 5: Make the Fangs

What you need:

Acrylic nails

Nail file


Denture glue

Find false nails that are the correct size to fit over your teeth. Usually fangs go over eye teeth but see which ones work for you.

File the tips of the nails into points and trim the top down to size

Add denture glue and press down over your teeth

Allow to dry and you have fangs!

For the full video see below:

Step 6: Make a Capelet

What you need:





Needle and thread

Tape Measure


Chalk and string

Measure around your neck. Take that amount and divide by 2. Then divide again by pi.

This will give you the measurement for the diameter of the neckline. Mine was 5cm in total.

Fold the velvet in half and then in half again and start working from the fold.

Using chalk and string, draw a 5cm semi circle into the corner of the fabric and cut it out.

Then do the same for the length that you want the fabric to be - mine was 41cm.

Then do the exact same thing for the satin.

Cut a straight line down the front and pin the sides in to make the capelet as open as you wish.

Pin the fabric together and pin the edges to put a hem in and to sew the two pieces together.

Once hemmed, add a brooch to the front to pin it closed.

For the full instructable click here

And for the video click below:

Step 7: Do the Makeup and Complete Your Costume

What you need

Light foundation or white face paint

White and black eyeliner

Red lipstick

Black and red eye shadow

Finally time for the makeup.

Start with a pale face - even use a foundation that is lighter than your natural skin tone

Add white eyeliner to your lids

Take a small brush and line underneath your eyes in black and red eye shaddow

Bring the black up and around to do a smokey eye and add a little red

Line your eyebrows to make them stand out

Add black lip liner to the outside of your lips

Add red lipstick and blend the two colours a little

Once the makeup is complete, start putting your entire outfit together.

On top of everything else I listed, I added elbow length gloves, stockings and heels and finally I was ready for Halloween!!!!

For the full video you can check out the link below:

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