Introduction: Vietnamese Star Ointment Earrings

This ointment was the basic thing in home medicine chest in Russia during 70-00's. It was hard to open, so people born after 90's even doesn't know that it could be opened. I like the design of the can, so I decided to make a "health mascot" earrings out of it.



  • Two cans of the ointment
  • Jewelry accessories of two kinds:
    1. Flexible pins with ball on the end
    2. Earring Hooks


  • Glue gun
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Awl
  • Bench vise

Step 1: Supplies

To make it clear I place here the photos of some supplies from the list above.

Step 2: Open Ointment Cans

To open cans you may need bench vise, but maybe you can handle it without it. It's optional. Then you need to clean out the cans, I placed the ointment in the fridge from one can and I had one can empty already.

Step 3: Make Holes

To thread the pins through the cans you need to make holes in the bottom of cans using awl. You can cut pins to make it shorter if you pins much more longer than cans' diameter. After that you need to thread the pin through the cans and the earring hooks, then you can close pins in a loop using round-nose pliers.

Step 4: Close the Cans

I mentioned the glue gun, but it's optional as long as the cans are hard to open in the first place. Anyway to be safe you can glue caps of the cans.

Step 5: Wear

I like these earrings. And this not the first time I do these, because recently someone stole my earrings that I had for 5 years. Crazy.

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