Introduction: Vintage Button Bracelet

I inherited a box of vintage buttons. I lugged those buttons around for 10 years until I learned how to make these lovely bracelets to show them off. I have made a bracelet of every color of the rainbow because I like them to accent the color I am wearing. You can mix the colors if you want. It's all up to you.

Step 1: Materials

You will need 10 to 12 buttons depending on the size, scissors, and hemp twine about 28 inches.

Step 2: Start With the Clasp

Fold the twine in half and tie a knot near the fold making a loop. This will be the clasp. Select the smallest button and make sure it will fit through the loop.

Step 3: String the First Button

I pick the largest button as the first so it covers the clasp. If it is a two hole button like this one put one string through both sides and then the other through both sides in the opposite order. It is a tight fit sometimes. Snip the ends if they get frayed. That makes it easier.

Step 4: Continue Adding Buttons

Because of the curve of the arm I make the buttons overlap slightly so there will not be gaps. If you use four hole buttons you can cross the twine or let it run parallel.

Step 5: Add Till It Fits Your Arm

Add till it fits your arm. The front should look like this and back should look like that.

Step 6: Tie Off the Final Button

Tie off the final button. Test to make sure the loop still fits over the final button. Try it on before you snip the ends.

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