Introduction: Vintage Mirror Upgrade

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My bathroom was missing a mirror and after looking for the perfect one I remembered I had one my father gave me 32 years ago for my wedding. It wasn't what I was looking for but I saw the potential on it. It still looks vintage but a beautiful kind of vintage.

Step 1: Materials

Vintage mirror. You can look for one in garage sales.

White acrylic paint

Medium size brush

Masking tape

Damp cloth


Step 2: Prepare the Mirror

Use some masking tape to protect the mirror. Put a line around the mirror, you can use a cutter to perfect the line between the masking tape and the mirror.

Use the damp cloth to clean the frame and get rid of the dust.

Step 3: Paint

Use the brush to paint the frame. Don't forget to cover the surface where you're going to paint. Let it dry and put a second layer to get a perfectly white finish.

Step 4: Masking Off

Use the cutter to cut the little layer of paint that forms between the masking tape and the frame. Take the masking tape off by pulling it and clean the mirror with any window cleaner.

Step 5: Ready!

Now that is dry it's ready to be hung! It goes perfect in my bathroom but I'm sure it would also look great on a walking closet, a vanity or any other space.

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