Vintage Saw Blade Knife With Leather Sheath




Introduction: Vintage Saw Blade Knife With Leather Sheath

This knife was made from a vintage saw blade which was left by my grandpa, and I used a grinder for the shape of this saw blade. It can be a EDC knife.

Step 1: Sharpening the Knife

The 1st step is cut the shape of the knife, I used a grinder for this step, because was too dirty so I didn't take photos. then sharpen the knife on stones.

Step 2: Install the Handles

the handles were made from rosewood, because the wood were not wide enough, so I glued 2pieces into 1. and then glue the 2 pieces of handles with epoxy glue on the knife. Use files and sandpapers No.180 to 5000 make the surface smooth. The knife is finished but need a sheath..

Step 3: Cut the Leather for Sheath

draw the shape on the paper, then cut a piece of cowhide of that shape

Step 4: Sewing the Loop

I have to sew the loop first, that it can be put on the belt.

Step 5: Finish Sewing

still use saddle sewing to finish it. after all finished, apply some bee wax on the edge, then friction with a stick.

thanks for watching, if you have problems and suggestions please leave comments below

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    3 years ago

    I hope you realize making knifes is addicting. You did a nice design and build. If you want to make a sheathe shaped closer to the knife, wrap the blade in some plastic cling wrap and wet the leather and but the knife in it and wait 'till it dries completely. The leather will take the shape of the blade. Nice job and knife project.