Introduction: Vinyl Doctor Who Glitter Christmas Ornaments With Double Bow

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Doctor Who and Christmas are a perfect match! There's never enough holiday-themed decorations from this show... so, I made my own! The characters appear in a fun 8-bit video game style.

Oh... and the glitter's on the inside!

Tools List

Materials List

Step 1: Cut Vinyl

Follow the instructions on your cutting machine (example: Cricut or Silhouette brand machine) to cut the vinyl.

Here's a downloadable SVG file.

Step 2: Remove Excess Vinyl

Peel back the vinyl that isn't part of the image.

Step 3: Add the Vinyl Shapes to Transfer Tape

  • Apply transfer tape to vinyl
  • Optional: Burnish the items.
    • Either use a burnishing tool (shown) or press firmly with your finger
  • Peel back the transfer tape
    • The vinyl will stick to the transfer tape

Step 4: Add Vinyl to Ornament

  • Remove the top piece from the ornament.
    • It just slides off
  • Place transfer tape on the ornament
    • Do you best to ensure the object is straight and centered
  • Burnish with your finger or tool
  • Remove the transfer tape

Step 5: Add Protective Finish to the Inside of the Ornament

  • Fill a syringe with Crystal Clear, ultra-fast drying water-based protective finish.
    • If you use too much, you can reuse the excess... so, don't be shy.
  • Squirt the protective finish into the ornament
    • Optional: Use light to moderate force to avoid bubbles
  • Swirl the ornament around
  • Drain excess protective finish back into its container
  • Place ornament upside down in a paper cup for 5 minutes
    • This also allows excess protective finish to drip out

Step 6: Add Glitter!

  • Use a funnel to add glitter.
    • IMPORTANT: Excess glitter cannot be reused... will be "gunky" from the protective finish.
  • Spin the ornament slowly to swirl the glitter around
  • Cover the opening with your thumb and shake ornament
  • Dump out and discard any extra glitter that remains inside the ornament
    • Don't worry... the sparkle unicorns will forgive you if you waste some glitter.

Step 7: Make Double Bow

  • Pinch approximately 2.5 inches of ribbon between your thumb and middle finger (first photo)
  • Wrap ribbon around your fingers as shown (first photo)
  • Thread the ribbon through the crease between your index and middle finger (second photo)
  • Grab the ribbon from the back and pull it to the right-most side (second photo)
  • Tuck the ribbon behind the first section of ribbon (third photo)
  • Pull tight

Reference the GIF animation if needed.

Step 8: Attach Double Bow

Permanently attach the double bow.

  • If needed, stab a hole through the knot of the bow
    • Be careful not to impale yourself!
      • If you do, the Daleks will celebrate as this makes it a bit easier to exterminate the human race
  • Push a small piece (4 inches) of thin ribbon through the knot (or the hole in the knot you just made)
  • Thread the ribbon through the middle of the wire loop
  • Tie a double knot
  • Cut excess ribbon with scissors

Ideally, this thin ribbon won't be visible. Its function is not decorative. Its purpose is to permanently attach the double bow to the ornament's wire loop.

Step 9: Attach Ornament Top With Hot Glue

  • Apply hot glue to the rim of the ornament
  • Add the ornament top
    • Squeeze the sides to the hot glue
  • Add 7 inches of ribbon to the top so it can hang on your tree... or, use an ornament hanger

WARNING: When hanging ornaments on your tree, do not place the DALEK and CYBERMAN next to each other... the DALEKS may destroy your tree (or possibly the entire universe) as it attempts to exterminate the CYBERMAN.

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