Introduction: Violet and Lace Stage/Party Makeup

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This is my go-to stage look because it's easy, fast, and has a bit more dimension than the regular ole black and white smoky eye look. I even wear it as my everyday look in the late fall and winter because it makes my eyes pop beneath my bangs. So here we go!

Step 1: Base

Apply your foundation or B.B. cream as you normally would along with any concealer. Powder lightly. If you do any contouring, now is the time to do it as well, but go easy! This is a super dark eye look.

Step 2: Apply Base Color

It's finally time to start on your eye makeup. As a matter of preference, I use a cream eyeshadow by Maybeline's Color Tattoo line because it doesn't crease. Of course, if you don't want to run out to the drug store, a very concentrated powder shadow will work fine on primed lids. You'll need a reddish purple for this look (so a berry shade), as opposed to a bluish purple (bluish purple will make it look like you have black eyes. I don't know why that color is even a thing). I'm using the shade called Pomegranate Punk. Sparkly or matte doesn't matter; just do what you feel. Apply on top and along bottom lid using either your finger or a sponge applicator, but don't pass the crease!

Step 3: Add Some Dimension

Now you'll need to take a dark brown and sweep in into your crease. Lightly sweep it over the outer 1/4 of your eyelid as well to add dimension.

Step 4: Blend!

Now, take a fluffy blending brush and a tiny bit of a light, shimmery powder shadow and blend out the harsh edges of the brown shadow in your crease.

Step 5: The Fun Part: Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrows

You're finally done with shadow and can move on to eyeliner. I use Maybeline Expert Wear gel eyeliner, and, as always, I give myself a cat eye. You can do your liner any way you like. Also blend it along the outer 1/4 of your bottom lid.

As for mascara, apply it sparingly. This is an intense look, so there's no need for crazy, clumpy eyelashes!

The same goes for your eyebrows; fill them in naturally if you normally do so.

I don't use lipstick when I wear this look; the eyes have so much going on that anything besides chapstick is going to take you from edgy to grandma-who-won't-calm-down-with-the-makeup. Fair warning! But I hope you enjoy this look and can find plenty of reasons to wear it! It's a great choice for bangs because it makes your eyes pop and keeps at bay that too-young look. Thank you for reading!