Introduction: Wall Hanger


I am monica and my friend meghshree from Whitefield nook.Today we will show how to make wall hanger in color papers.



  • Color papers
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Glue

Step 1: Rolling Paper


  • Take a card board sheet and it in a circle.
  • And stick the color paper to it.
  • Take yellow color paperrs and roll like a sticks.
  • And stick it on the back side of the cardboard sheet.

Step 2: Desgin


  • Take 2 color paper and cut it in the shape of heart.
  • In small size one and one large size.
  • And stick the small heart on the top of larger heart in glue stick.
  • And stick the hearts on the color paper stick.
  • And take another color paper and cut heart shape and stick it on the down of the other hearts on paper stick.

Step 3: Rose


  • Take color papers of different colors.
  • And draw a circle on it .
  • And cut the circle and roll it like a flower.
  • And stick the flower on the cardboard sheet.
  • Now tie the thread on the top of the cardboard and hang on the wall.
  • Now the wall hanger is ready.