Wall Mounted Keychain Holder

Introduction: Wall Mounted Keychain Holder

I have this bad habbit of forgetting where I left my keys... and end up making a mess trying to find them. My wife would tell me that i would find my keys right exactly where i kept them..... Or right in front of me...

I am always looking for ideas to decorate my home or help me to put my keys at the right place so that i can find them again next time

Or may be not
I this instructable, i will share how to make a simple keychain holder or stand
Jigsaw is the heart of the project, without one, you could use a scroll saw... using any other hand saw or power saw will lead to an injury... Please do not hurt or injure yourself or others while replicating

Step 1: What Do We Need ??

- 10mm wooden flooring plank
- 4 steel hooks
- 2 key hole hangers
- Brown acrylic paint
- green permanent marker
- 4 screws

- Screw driver
- scale
- 6mm drill
- 2 mm drill
- Jigsaw

Step 2: Shape of Key

- One can refer a key as inspiration and draw design on a wooden plank
- I kept it simple design with key with wave pattern
- Before you cut the whole key shape, cut the key groves
- Since the groves are small, I cut small triangles and remove as much wood as possible to thw shape i want
- Using 80grit sandpaper, give the final shape
- Drill a hole of 38mm diameter as shown

Step 3: Add Keyhole Hangers

- We need to add keyhole hangers on the back side of the stand

- Trace the keyhole and using a 6mm drill, drill holes as shown

- Clean excess wood, so that the nail head can slide, easily

- I did not have shorter screws, so I cut them using a Hacksaw

Step 4: The Final Hook

- On the front side, fix, 4 hooks separated at 38mm

- Add favorite text using permanent marker

- Cost the sides using brown acrylic paint to match wood color

-Hang it and start using it

Thanks for reading.

If you have any comments or tips please share

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