Introduction: Wallet Pocket

In the essence of the Pocket Sized Contest, I decided to make something not just pocket-sized, but something that is made to be in a pocket and serves a very useful purpose. In this Instructable, I will be showing you how I made a wallet, into a Pocket Insert that can hold a few cards for you. I call it, The Wallet Pocket.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this Instructible you will need...

  1. An old wallet, it must have card holders
  2. Velcro, or an old velcro strap
  3. Glue of some type (I used THE KRAGLE)
  4. 2x Popsicle sticks (Optional)
  5. Scissors

Step 2: Cutting the Wallet

Find the portion of the wallet that has the card slots. When you find it, cut it out. Try to leave some extra room, you do not want to cut into the card portion, and can always trim it later.

Step 3: Glue the Popsicle Sticks (Optional)

*This Step is Optional*

If you decide not to glue on the sticks you will sacrifice some durability, but you will notice the wallet a bit less in your pocket.

First, cut the popsicle sticks to the length of the wallet. This can be shorter if you want to notice it a bit less.

When the sticks are cut to size glue them parallel to each other on the back section of the wallet. Make sure to apply enough glue to the ends of the popsicle sticks.

When you glue the sticks to the wallet make sure to apply pressure for several minutes to make sure the bond is solid.

Step 4: Adding the Velcro

First, cut the velcro into 4 small squares. Mark where they will go on the popsicle sticks. Glue each square down applying pressure for a few minutes.

Then cut 2 strips of the opposite type of velcro to glue into your pants. The stips should be long enough to cover both pieces of the wallet velcro and them some so you can put your wallet farther in or farther out.

Step 5: Put in the Wallet

Insert your wallet. You can now carry some cards with you without the fear of losing your wallet! While this may not be the most useful trick, It is certainly a good idea. You have the option of using more than one pair of pants by simply adding velcro to those too. You can also take it out and use it as a normal wallet. If you want to get more ambitious about the idea, you could even add a money clip, with just a little more effort

Step 6: Enjoy

I hope you enjoyed reading this Instructible, and hope you find this simple idea useful

-Have a Nice Day

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