Introduction: Watch Stand

The image above shows the finished project of the watch stand. I created this because I wanted to make a Christmas present for my uncle, who is into watches. The purpose of the stand is to store and/or display a watch.The design includes 5 separate pieces. The base, the stand, the rest, and the top and bottom guard. I made 2 different stands: the prototype and the final.

Step 1: Design the Prototype

Use a program such as OnShape to design your stand. The stand should consist of a base (middle of picture). The base can be any shape that will lend support to the stand. The second piece will be the stand (sticking up from the pentagon in the top left). The stand can be a straight or slanted piece. Keep in mind that if your stand is slanted, you will have to compensate for that with the base (example: making the front extend farther out). The third piece is the rest (the pentagon piece). The rest should be as thick as your watch is. I have found that three inches is usually a good range for watches. The final pieces, the guards, are optional, but I incorporated them (2 pieces above base). The guards sit on the rest and do not allow the watch to slide around on the rest. Again, these have to be customized to the thickness of the watch. My original design was meant to have the stand be resting on the face of the watch. We then realized there would be more stability if we made a hole in the base to insert the stand. Be creative in your designing!

My Design

Step 2: Assembling the Prototype

After the design, laser cut the prototype. Before cutting, remember to check the thickness of the wood so you can achieve the desired thickness. After it is laser cut, glue it together. Make sure to test it with your watch to make sure it will withstand the weight and that it will not fall over.

Step 3: Design Final (3D Printing)

Using any changes or fixes from your original, design your final project for use in the printer. For example, I changed my stand so that it goes straight through the base so that it is sturdier. Also I changed the shape of the rest for aesthetic purposes.

Step 4: Assembling the Final

Once the final is done printing, use super glue to glue it together. Again, test it to make sure that it will take the weight of your watch and will not fall. If it stands up, congratulations!

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