Introduction: Waterfall - a K'nex Ball Machine

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Ahoy Viewers!

Today I bring you my very first K'nex ball machine - Waterfall. This ball machine consists on having a mixture of ball alternaters and path seperaters. When building this ball machine I wanted it to be unique and memorable and as seeing this had not yet been done,  I thought of having a K'nex ball machine based around alternaters and seperaters (excluding the paths that take around the outside that bring the balls back to the middle). Shadowman39's ball machine "Diffusion", had the same concept, however only half the ball machine was complete with alternaters and path seperaters. It weighs 8 KG and uses a LOAD of pieces, it took around 3 weeks to build. The ball machine itself in the pictures are pretty self-explanatory so I have decided to not include a video of the ball machine running. The name of the ball machine is what the ball machine looks like when in action, ball are continuously deposited from the top one after another and so has the appearance of water gushing down a waterfall.

Without further ado, I bring you Waterfall!