Introduction: We Jammin' With Cherries

When I crave jam, I demand it be as simple as possible. Dextrose?! Pectin?! I don't really even know what those are! Why google things when you can just make your own stuff? The only ingredients here are cherries, honey, and a fine appreciation for stickin' to the basics. You will need: 5 cups of fresh cherries 1/3 cup of local honey 1 of the lemons life gave you A food processor 2 jars A medium to large saucepan

Step 1: Force the Elderly to Do You Work for You

I can't stress this step enough. Why would you bother pitting cherries, measuring 5 cups worth of them (halved not sliced and diced), and then puree them in the food processor if you have a happy old woman to subject to that experience instead?

Step 2: Add to Saucepan

Bring that tasty cherry mash to a boil then add in the juice of one lemon and your honey, honey.

Step 3: The Simmer

Simmer for 15-25 minutes using your best judgement. Try to take it off before it burns but a few minutes after it has condensed to an applesauce like state. You should be able to see the bottom of your pan when you stir.

Step 4: I Found This Step a Bit Jarring

Put your molten jam in the jars swish around a little in the bottom to let the jar heat up slowly (to avoid pesky broken jars and wasted jam.) Sometimes they'll even seal for you, which is cool. Allow the jars to come to a reasonable temp before tossing them unceremoniously in the fridge. Let cool before serving.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Hard Work

The jam should have a cherry front with a sweet honey finish. It MIGHT cure your allergies, clear up your complexion, and cure cancer... That'd be cool, eh?