Introduction: Wear the Rainbow

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This is a really fun and full technique for Tie Dye. It can be used with any color combination and really gives garments that completed professional tie dyed look!! Enjoy Dying!! Please note I will not go over every step of the Tie Dye Process in this Instructable, I have included a link for basic instructions on how to tie dye. This is for a new technique to attempt while tie dying.

Step 1: Full Instructions on Process of Dying Here

Click the link below for full instructions on how to tie dye and to make the colors. This instructable is just for technique not basic methods. After you get to the Dharma Trading website and read the instructions you can also order dyes/chemicals and many other great products. I would always suggest using this website to order all supplies. Using Store bought dyes is not worth it.

Dharma Trading Tie Dye Basic Instructions

Step 2: Tie Items

Fold the Shirt like an accordion. Remember when you used to make paper fans as a kid, same fold on these shirts. I loosely rubber band 7 rubbers after I have folded my item. Place item in a grocery bag to keep it moist. Set your item aside for now.

Step 3: Make Dyes

What I do is make 8-16oz of every color in the Rainbow. I put the rainbow colors into spout bottles. Also I make a 1 gallon "bath" of my solid base color. I put the gallon of dye into a shallow plastic, I got them at walmart for $2 each. Dark colors work best as the "Dunk Bath" I usually do Black, Grey, Brown, or Purple.

Step 4: Dye Items

So you got your colors and dunk bath ready now. Go ahead and grab your item out of the grocery bag and set the bag aside. What you need to do is get the spout down into each fold. This is why I loosely rubber band so it is easier to get the color where it needs to be. After you do one side "milk" the area by squeezing the sides of the folds. This helps ensure saturation. Saturation is key when it comes to tie dye. I use the 7 bands to help determine where the different colors will go. After I put all 7 colors within the folds I tie the bands tighter around the folds. It is okay if the color seeps out of the folds to the out side of the shirt but it is not okay if you don't fasten the Rubber Bands tightly before dunking. That is why I use dark colors as the bath that way they can fully cover any extra dye that makes its way out of the folds.

Step 5: Dunk Time

Fully submerge the item into the Bath. Don't worry as long as you have fully secured the rubbers it will only superficially dye what is exposed. Leave in the bath for 10 minutes. Remove from the bath and allow the extra dye to drip out of the item. I use a foil baking dish with cookie cooling rack to allow for drainage. After the item has stopped dripping put it back into its grocery bag and let sit over night.

Step 6: Wash Out and Enjoy!!

After the 12 hours or overnight set has completed. Remove the garment from the grocery bag and toss into the wash machine, rubber bands still tied tightly. Wash once. It is easier to deal with the items after most of the loose dye is washed away. REmove the rubber bands and wash a second time. The double wash also helps prevent future bleeding of the item!

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