Introduction: Wearable Mini Vase

A little vase that you can wear around your neck. 

Step 1:

I draw the vase in the 3D program Rhinoceros and print it out with a Ultimaker.
You can get the blueprint from the drawing at the bottom of this page and export it to you're ultimaker program. (Cura)
Because the vase is so small the ultimaker does not have to use support material so be sure that in Cura the support material is on 'None'.
The Layer height is 0.15mm and wall thickness 0.8mm.

Step 2:

When the Ultimaker starts to heath up you have to remove the plastic what is coming out of the printing head before he starts to print.
This is something i didn't manage the first time so i had to start over a couple of times.

Step 3:

Now you can just let the Ultimaker do his work but stay there in case something goes wrong and you have to cancel the printing process.

Step 4:

When the Ultimaker is done remove you're vase carefully from the ultimaker.

Now you can make a necklace by adding a chain or a piece of string an some dried flowers or plastic flowers in the vase.