Introduction: Wedding Gift Bags

I'm a DIY bride and I love crafting. So of course I'm putting together gift bags for my out of town guests. This simple bag looks cute and can fit everything I want to put in it. Plus - it only took 10 minutes.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies for this gift bag:


-Glue Stick

-Bag (found on sale)

-Permanent Marker

-Craft Knife or Exacto Knife




-Craft Paper (I used a silver glitter scrapbook piece.)

Step 2: Measure the Stamp and Cut Border

First I measured my stamp. This stamp is approximately 3" x 3".

I decided I wanted a 1/2" inch border since it would look right with the bag size.

I measured the paper for the 3"x3" opening (for the stamp) and the 1/2" border.

Then, using the craft knife I cut out the border.

Step 3: Glue the Border in Place

Using a glue stick, glue the border in place. I chose to offset mine. I kept it lower because the bags handles extended into the bag. I didn't want the border over the raised edge it created.

Step 4: Stamp

Now it's time to stamp your image. I found this cute stamp on sale in the discount rack and couldn't pass it up. My ink pad didn't fit the entire stamp, so I had to press it on the ink pad several times.

When you place the stamp down, don't move it once it has touched the bag. Press firmly down with the heel of your hand. Remove it by lifting directly up.

Step 5: Creative Labeling

With my trusty permanent marker I added initials. I also added the word "welcome" because I'm using these for my out of town guests.

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