Introduction: Wedding Jewelry Design-How to Make a White Pearl Lace Cuff Bracelet for Bride

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White lace and pearl beads make this bridal lace bracelet so pure and beautiful. Welcome to click this lace cuff bracelet tutorial. Pearl and lace are main materials for making wedding jewelry for they are stand for nobility and purity. So it inspired me to DIY this white pearl lace bracelet. Girls can take a try to make one for yourself or send it to your best girlfriend. I believe this bridal lace bracelet is undoubtedly a very memorable gift. Now let's start to learn how to make a lace cuff bracelet.

Step 1: Materials on How to Make a Lace Cuff Bracelet

Golden aluminum wire

12mm white pearl beads

Golden eyepins

White lace

Wire cutting plier

Round nose plier

Flat plier

Step 2: Step1: Make Basic Pearl Lace Bracelet

1st, thread an eyepin to a pearl bead, make a loop to make a pearl bead link, do the same to make 15 pearl bead links totally; cut down a 30cm aluminum wire, fold it in half, wrap a loop as the below picture shows;

Step 3:

2nd, thread the 15 pearl bead links to the aluminum wires in order, wrap a loop with one wire, then wrap some circles around the loop to fasten the bracelet, cut down the extra wires;

Step 4: Finish Lace Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

1st, prepare a long enough lace, twine it on the aluminum wires, you should be more careful in case the wires rip the beautiful lace;

Step 5:

2nd, when you finish twining, bend the pearl lace bracelet to adapt your wrist, at last, thread a lace to the two loops to tie a bow;

Step 6: The Final Look of Pure White Pearl Lace Cuff Bracelet:

Congratulations! I have finished how to make a lace cuff bracelet. I love this white bridal lace bracelet so much, what about you? If you like pearl lace bracelet pattern, never miss this lace cuff bracelet tutorial. I am looking forward your creation!