Introduction: Weekend Home Makeover ( Pt. 3 Ceiling Texture & Paint)

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Keep up. I'm not going into depth with these instructables! Time is of the essence! Check out all 6 to see how the transformation went.

Step 1: Tape

Tape off ceiling and leave bottom of tape free.

Step 2: Plastic

Ass you go roll the tape up and slip plastic under.

Press firmly on the tape to ensure no leaks.

Step 3: Pull & Seal

Pull the plastic down and clingbit to the wall. seal any seems with tape.

Step 4: Mud

Grab a bad or bucket of joint compound and mix with water to desired consistency

Step 5: Roll or Spray

Now just roll or spray compound onto the ceiling.

I prefer to spray. Rolling works best for closets.

If you roll you will need to knock the texture down with a puddy or a knockdown knife.

Step 6: Prime & Paint

Apply sealer primer combo in first coat.

If it does not absorb apply paint.

Now onto the next project.