Introduction: Welcome Doll From Waste Glass Bottles

Lets make a recycle project here..

Step 1: Claying & Coloring

HI Friends....!

Happy to see you again....Just another idea to recycle old thrown off liquor bottles (I got one from waste bottle disposal store).

Materials Required:

1.)Round shaped liquor bottle.

2.)White M-Seal.

3.)Clay designing tools.

4.)Acrylic colors (orange, gold,black)

The bottle was round shaped at bottom so i thought of making a welcome doll ,you can chose any idea depending on size and length of your bottles...(If your bottles are lengthy u can make a image of cat sitting)

I just made a girl welcoming with half the size (my bottle was about 5 inch )using m-seal (shilpkar) since its completely a recycling project and easily available at craft stores.

I use to make hand sculptures so it hardly took me 30 minutes to make the girls face and body was easy since i just packed the bottle with clay. Created impression using tools for rich look and painted with acrlyic colors.... Thank You for stopping by and your support....Happy Day Friends....!

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