Introduction: Wheat and Rice Flour Dosa

-Wheat and rice flour dosas are prepared using wheat flour and rice flour and does not require any fermentation.and can be prepared instantly.


- One cup wheat flour

- 4 tablespoon rice flour

- Tsp cumin seeds

- Tsp red chilli powder

- Salt as per taste

- one finely chopped onion

-One grated carrot

-Water as required to make flowy batter

Step 1: Preparing Batter

-Take one cup wheat flour in bowl and add 4 tablespoon rice flour to it and give a mix.

Step 2: Add Spices

-Add teaspoon cumin seeds,salt as per taste and tsp red chilli powder and give a mix.

Step 3: Add Water and Make a Flowy Batter

-Next add water and make batter of pouring consistency

Step 4: Add Onions and Grated Carrot

-Finally add finely chopped onions and grated carrot to prepared batter.

Step 5: Making Dosa

-Take a pan and heat it. Take small portion of batter in small cup or glass and pour in circular motion. We are not using any laddle to spread it. Just we need to pour it evenly from corner to centre in circular motion.

-Add tsp oil on all edges and cook on one side

Step 6: Flip and Cook on Other Side

-When one side turns brown flip and cook on other side too.Serve dosa with any pickle or curd

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