Introduction: Wheatgrass in Glass

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Hoy! How are you?
I'm fine. I'm feeling so purple, thanks. Now, I'll tell you how to grow wheatgrass in the glass

Step 1: You Need

Wheatgrass seeds (you can buy it in the store)


Stones (I still have the purple stones) or sand

Step 2: SOAK

Soak the seeds in the water about 8hrs. It helps the seed for rooting.

Step 3: Fill the Glass

Fill the glass with stones. Just a half.

Step 4: 8 Hours Later

Until 8 hours, put the seeds on the stones. Don't heap it with the stones.

Water your seeds. Use the sprayer. The seeds need the moist medium. But don't soak it.

Step 5: DONE!

Wait until your wheatgrass is tall. You can add more stones to keep it stand up, before you cut
it and make it as the juice.

Step 6: FINISH

Thank you for looking my work.

Hope you'll make it better.

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