Introduction: Whiplash Halloween Costume IronMan 2

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I am a big fan of the IronMan Movies and one of my favorites characters was Whiplash from IronMan 2.

I like the way the villain created a crazy energy armor out of nothing in the middle of Moscow. as a designer and metal worker, I figure this would be a good fit because I had to work with what I had around so I had to get very creative to make it work.

made the chest plate out of metal scraps plastic, nuts, bolts LED's and fabric.

Some straps were cut out of strap leather and one of my old leather belts that just made it look just like the movie.

The end result looks great! when the whips move around the extra rubber hose almost looks like electricity.

People loved it and I could not get too far because everyone wanted a picture with me :)

Good Times

Step 1: Chest Plate

the chest plate mounts on a piece styrene 1/8 inch

the frame for the arc reactor came from an old speaker and cut steel flat bar and bolted the pieces, left them slightly loose to be able to move around better.

Step 2: Arc Reactor

The Arc Reactor was made of 1/2 inch acrylic with 9 holes perforated for the LED's to fit. layer the acrylic, glue and frosted the with 80 grit sandpaper. Then wire the LED's and hot glue them to keep them in place.

Step 3: Back Piece

the back piece made of styrene sheet 1/8 thick.heated the corners and form them to fit my back better. the brackets that hold 1/2 inch rubber hose that connects to the arm is made of scrap of aluminum welded together.

The clip buckles are bolted with scrap leather.

Step 4: Whips

The Whips have 60 LED's and are power by 8 AA batteries.

once wired they go inside a 3/4 inch rubber hose and has 1/4 inch tube around to simulate electricity. the arm rings are made of stock 1/4x1 inch aluminum bar rolled and welded.

Step 5:

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