Introduction: Wick Holder Salvage

About: hgv driver but only because it pays more than I can make otherwise

Maybe I'm using the wrong supplier, but wick holder to keep the wick central and at the bottom of a mould costs more than a penny its actually cheaper to punch a hole in a penny and use that than to buy these little discs of pressed steel. For the small amount of wax I use, especially as I'm not fussy about the type, its cheaper to buy a box of a several 100 tea lights when they are on offer this gives me several 100 holders for free with the wax, but with the slight snag that they are already crimped to a short wick of the wrong size

Removing the wick and making them ready to use again is a one step operation or two if you are being fussy, it works just as well with used holders with the wick burnt off

Step 1: Tools

A block of wood with a 4mm (5/32") hole drilled trough it,you want the wick to fall out the bottom and don't want to keep hammering the nail into the wood.

A 30mm & 50mm oval wire nail,either one on its own would do, but doing it as two steps is in my opinion easier and gives a neater finish, round nails would do but its the diameter that is actually important not the length the 50mm nail is about 3mm peak to peak of the oval and give a nice form for the new wick to go through.

A small hammer, as not much force is needed.

I did my first few with the holders supported on the jaws of a bench vice done up so they were not quite gripping the holder but gave the disc as much support as possible

Step 2: Process

Place the wick holder with its point in the 4mm hole (ignore the large hole is left over from this bit of scrap woods last function)

Place the point of preferably the smaller nail behind the wick, not the easy to get at hole visible in picture 3 or you end up outside the crimp not opening it out. One off the reason I suggest using two nails not just a large one is that it is easier to work the small nail behind the wick

Tap the nail, this should open the crimp and remove the old wick in one go, you could now just pull the nail out and reuse the wick holder.

However following up with the larger nail makes the hole smoother larger and easier to re thread.

Step 3: Re Wick

It should now be possible to feed a new pre waxed wick through the holder the heat and pressure of your fingers should be all it needs to form it and push it through, again from the bottom as the holder is slightly conical. Once sufficient length for your new candle is through gently crimp the tube of the holder with pliers. Cut the wick as close to the base of the holder as you can