Introduction: Wind Noise Reduction Sock

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I was a radio DJ in a past life (one of many past lives) We had this cool thing at our station to record street interviews and stuff it had a fancy wind eliminator on it and it recorded great audio.

over the past few years I've been making recordings of many of the places I've been, like a snapshot, these field recordings are a really cool thing to share and listen to. I've been using my iPhone's regular mic but that thing really doesn't do that great of a job.

A few months ago an amazing person gave me a Tascam mic that records amazing audio!

the only problem has been wind noise basically ruins all my recordings.

This is a cheap and easy answer to the fancy $30 windsocks that you can get for your Tascam mic.

Here's the materials list:

1) Fuzzy fake Fur from Michaels - $4

2) needle and thread- almost free

3) something to cut the fur with (I dare you to do this step with a machete) *if you do accidentally dismember yourself it's your own fault

4) swagger


Step 1: Look at Your Device and Figureout How Big Your Sock Can Be

you could trace around the outside and make a paper template. it's got to be able to wrap around and fight tightly around the mic

Step 2: Take Off Phone So You Don't Break It!

this is the device we're gonna cover in fur

Step 3: Find Ur Fur

this was like $4 at michaels. and it was super fuzzy.

it's really cool

and fuzzy

Step 4: Cut Your Fur to the Right Size and Fold It in Half

Step 5:

stitch each end and leave the bottom open

Step 6: Flip It Flip It Good

flip the thingie inside out and you've got the awesomest wind protector ever that you made yourself!!!

and you've got a lot of left over fake fur...

Happy Recording awesome field recordings!