Winter Camouflage Hat

Introduction: Winter Camouflage Hat

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This is now my 7th Instructable and it is on how to make a Winter Camouflage Hat

Step 1: Getting the Materials

The things you need are shown below.  (I would use fleece instead but I didn't have any at the time.)

Step 2: Getting Measurments

You need to measure all the way around your head until you meet the beginning, then measure it from where you want it to end then measure it up to the center of your head. (I Don't have a picture of the around your head part.)

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

You need to measure out a rectangle, then cut it out, make 4 points as shown. Trace the first rectangle with points and cut that out.

Step 4: Starting to Sew

Get some of the pins then put them into place. then start to sew along the pins as shown. Then once you have connected the peices start to sew the top together.

Step 5: After the Sewing More Sewing!

Put the hat on and see how it fits, if you need to adjust the tallness of it just roll it up like this and sew it together.

Step 6: All Done Sewing

Once you finish that part you need to grab the sharpie and make a pine branch pattern. Now it's time to have a really fun game of a snowball fight!

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