Introduction: Winterfell Cake - From Game of Thrones

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This is an instructable to make a quick and somewhat easy Winterfell cake. Another must have for a Game of Thrones Party!

Full party instructable can be seen here:

Step 1: Find a Picture for Reference

I used pictures from This was the best 3d image of Winterfell I could find. I thought it was pretty cool.

You can also reference the intro. It goes so fast it's hard to catch though.

Step 2: Good Bye Princess

I didn't have a pan big enough to make a sheet cake and I was in a hurry so I bought a sheet cake from Cosco. They didn't have any plain ones so I got the one with the least amount of decoration.

If you have time and the pans you can just make your own and frost it white.

If you buy one like this, use a broad knife and scrape off the decorations. Just not too deep or you'll stab the cake O_o

Step 3: So. Much. Candy.

This is what makes this instructable so fast.

The architecture is made of snack cakes, candy and chocolate!

I used Resse's cups: Mini, Regular and Big Cup.

Mini Kit Kats

Mini Milky Ways

Mini Roll O's

Swiss Rolls

Square Fancy Cakes

Ho-Hos or round cakes covered in chocolate

One of those candy fruit slices. They are flat and half circles.

And sugar wafer cookies- chocolate would look better -___-

Some white icing

For the candy melts, you need at least 2 bags of the light chocolate and half a bag of green.

Step 4: Chocolate Coverage

Start by getting your big buildings made up.

Now, you can kind of make this however you want it to fit. Mine is NOT exact.

The big square in the middle is of two layers of fancy cakes with 4 cakes on each layer. Use the melted chocolate to "glue" the pieces together.

The bigger columns are the Ho-Hos One stack is made of two and one stack is just one.

Top the stacks with Resses cups. I used the Big Cup for the taller tower.

Other towers are made of Swiss rolls dipped in chocolate and topped with a regular size Resses cup.

One tower is mini rollo's topped with a mini Resses cup.

The other tower is chocolate discs unmelted but glued together and topped with a rollo.

Smaller buildings are mini milkways stacked

The perimeter watch towers are two mini kit kats stacked.

The smallest buildings are single pieces of candy.

Step 5: The Walls

While your chocolate is setting make your perimeter out of the sugar wafer cookies. I used icing to stick them into place.

Step 6: Place Your Buildings

Use the picture as a guide and set your buildings down with a dab of icing on their bases.

Then I drew little chocolate lines with the edge of a spoon dipped in chocolate as walk ways and interior walls.

Step 7: Trees

Yes the trees. 

They were actually difficult. I used a large tip from an icing kit  
Then lined it with plastic wrap
Add some melted green chocolates
and let it set.
Remove plastic
I only had one tip to work with so this took awhile.

Step 8: Let It Snow

Place your trees and do your touch ups. I had to use more chocolate in some places to fix columns.

Sprinkle some powdered sugar for snow.

Refrigerate until the party.

Then display and enjoy!

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