Introduction: Wire Organizer Using Tissue Rolls

As everyone battles with storing multiple wires, we at our makerspace came up with an eco-friendly solution. Here I'll be explaining an interesting use case of empty toilet paper roll for wire management. We will be making an 'Idea Bulb' although you can make any other shape/design but this is quite inspirational in itself.

Skills: Beginner

Material Required:

Empty toilet paper roll

Cardboard Sheet

Thread & Cutter

Small pins

Step 1: Stick Empty Rolls

Draw a shape of a bulb on cardboard piece.

Place the empty toilet rolls along the outline of the drawn shape.

Take your time to align them properly.

Once done, make an outline/markings along the placed rolls.

Step 2: Attach Empty Rolls

Now, start attaching empty rolls to the cardboard with the help of threads on it.

We choose threads as this is the best medium for joining given the fact that rolls will be stretched and pushed/pulled while taking out the wires.

Using double-sided tapes or adhesive is not recommended. We did a lot of testing with these materials prior to using threads.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard.

Now, cut the cardboard in the shape of idea bulb along the outline.

And place it wherever you want to place. Load it with all types of wires.

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