Introduction: Wire Wave Ring DIY

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Here is a tutorial for a ring that is perfect for summer: a wave ring. It is simple to make and adjusts to comfortably fit.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Ruler
2. 16-18 gauge wire. I am using copper, but brass or plated copper would be suitable.
3. A metal file
4. Round-nose and flat-nose pliers (mine have tape on them to prevent them from marring my wire).
5. A mandrel (mine is a marker, ha ha).
6 A jewelry hammer/rubber mallet.

Step 2: Measure the Wire

If you don't know your ring size, wrap a scrap of paper around your finger until the ends meet snuggly. Measure this against your ruler. You will need about an inch or inch and a half more wire than your finger measurement.
*Note: I used about two inches more and that was a bit too much in my opinion!

Step 3: The Wave Crest

File your wire ends until smooth. Always file down and away from yourself because that is how most file's teeth lay.
Grip the wire in about the middle and bend it in half with the round-nose pliers. With the flat-nose pliers, pinch the end until it is as flat as you can get it. Grip the pinched end and twist it so one side lays over the other side.
*Note: This step is the key to getting a pointed wave instead of a fat, rounded point. I studied several pictures of wave rings before I figured this out.

Step 4: The Wave Trough

Holding the pinched end with your round-nosed pliers, bend the end of the bottom wire with your fingers to form a curve. Stop when the pointed pinched end is almost pointed straight down at the bottom wire.

Step 5: The Back of the Wave Crest

Grip the pinched end of your wave and bend the top wire into a curving slope by holding the wire with your fingers and bending it downward. Stop once you have a wave suitable to your liking.

Step 6: Finishing the Shape

Bend the ends of the wire into curves with your round-nosed pliers. Straighten the wires to form a straight line with the wave riding on top. Wrap the ring around your mandrel and hit it with a rubber mallet to strengthen the wire and shape it into a round form.

Step 7: Finished

Your ring is finished. I like adjustable rings because they gradually become more suited to my fingers as I wear them. I hope you enjoy your ring and wear it proudly as handmade art.