Introduction: Wire Wrapped Solitaire Ring

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This is an extension of my 'ible on mounting gemstones, in this case I'll show you how to make a ring with a stone as the centerpiece.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- an already set gemstone with a foot or so of wire attached (I like to just work off of the spool, that way I waste very little wire.)
- a ring mandrel or any round object the size of the ring you wanna make
- *chain nose pliers
- *wire cutters
- *fine toothed files or sandpaper
- *0000 steel wool

*not pictured

Step 2: Wrapping the Shank

Since the wire I'm using is half hard, it's springy and won't hold the shape it's given. Therefore, I recommend you wrap it a few sizes too small and then stretch it to the desired size. This will ensure that the springback from the wire doesn't affect your final product.

Step 3: Final Wrapping

Now take that loose end and wrap it around the shank a few times. Trim off the end at an angle, file it down, burnish it with a lil' steel wool, and you're done! Enjoy your handiwork :)