Introduction: Wire Wrapped Guitar Pick Necklace

So I play guitar and i thought it would be fun if I made a piece of jewelry or a holder for my picks. This is what I came up with.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Needle nose pliers with a cutter
Strong glue
Some material (such as leather) to put around your neck
Split rings or bail ( optional)
Guitar pick or other item you want to wrap
Paper to draw on

Step 2: Trace and Design

So Take your pick and trace it. Then draw the design you want to reference to. This design actually didn't turn out say all like how I drew but it did look better.

Step 3: Cutting and Shaping

Cut the wire to the necessary length,(you might want to go over the necessary length just in case) I used two wires and connected them in the front and back. Make sure you shape the wire around the pick other wise it might not turn out the right size or shape. You won't really need your regular pair of pliers you can just use them to hold down the wire while you shape it instead of using just your hands.

Step 4: Making It a Necklace

Now take your leather and cut it to the right length and add the clasp. Some clasps need glue. ( if you're using a split ring or bail, slip that on before the clasp). Now a attach the wire to the necklace or split ring. This might take a while but this is how I did it. If that doesn't work just glue it to the necklace. And your done! Please feel free to comment and subscribe. And if you want to see another version of this then check out pick holder pendant: by eldatote. He beat me to making this instructable. Thanks!