Introduction: Home-made Iphone/Ipod Wallet

First I will say that this is my second instructable and I already have two healthy-chocolate related recipes coming up soon as a heads up for my followers that I am happy and surprised to have. Now, enough about me, let's get down to business.                                              What you will need: thread, Velcro( optional), a sharpie, your choice of duck tape (duct tape, whatever it is), sewing needle, gift card etc., ruler or measuring tape, and cloth( I used a t-shirt because it is not going to show).                                                    First, lay your iPod or iPhone(I am just going to say iPod) on the cloth. Using your sharpie draw a quarter of an inch away from your iPod on all four sides using your ruler. Now take your ruler to make straight lines to make a rectangle. If that is confusing, leave your iPod in the spot that you marked and draw the lines in the shape of your iPod. Now cut out the rectangle so that you have two pieces the same size. Don't worry about if it is jagged or uneven. It is okay if it is uneven because you will fix that after you sew the edges.

Step 1:

For this part, you take the iPod pocket and trace it on your cloth. Cut out only one square that is equally sized with the iPod pocket. Refer to the picture for help and sew the piece to the pocket. Take your duck tape and cover everything but the inside of the iPod pocket.

Step 2:

Place the Velcro on the corners. You know how Velcro works right? Close then open wallet to see that it folds and Velcroes properly. The tricky-ish part is putting on the money and cards pocket. Make sure a card fits inside but cut a smaller rectangle of cloth(smaller or same size depending on where you put the Velcro) and tape it on from the outside to cover the cloth. Just don't tape the inside. Put your money, cards, iPod or iPhone in and viola. Just add whatever decorations and what not and there you go. Comment if something does not make sense, favorite, like, pin it, follow. Thanks