Introduction: Deskbot (perfect for Anyone)

What you need:
nails or wood glue
some type of door knob
whatever else you might need or want
and the most important of all..... your brain and imagination
      You should read through the instructions before you start building just in case. I started by building the body. for this project I will not tell you measurements becuse i want you to make this the way that you want to. All I am really doing is giving you an idea of a way to make this. The belly is going to be a storage compartment. I started with the body by making three walls that are equal in size. Now you can nail or use wood glue to put those three walls together. Next, I cut two pieces of wood that were the same size as the other three walls, but are thinner. Now I am going to stop with the body and I will come back to the door as one of the last steps. Now you are going to build the feet. What I did was cut a piece of wood that had a size that goes well with the body and then I took a flat piece of wood for the foot that I attached to the leg. Then I drilled two little holes into one of the thicker pieces of the body and two little holes of the same size then I took wood glue and put it into both holes and put a peg in the holes to hold the leg and the body together. then I took arms and made them a little different than the legs but I made them the same length. I took two nuts. The nuts will be hands. The nuts are the right size to fit the arm. Now you just have to devise a way to attach the nuts to each arm. Then attach the arms to the sides of the body. Now make a neck and attatch it to the top of body. Now make a head for it and attatch it. If you want to, you can add something to the back because I did so it is just a suggestion. Now put on a door and add hinges and a door knob. You can add whatever you need or want and design it however because it is of course yours. You can also see pictures for help if I was unclear about something. you can also nicely comment if I need to add something or change something. I will add my changes and updates in the future but I hope you enjoy.
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