Introduction: Wire and Beads Hair Accessory

You can decorate a hairband, clip, wire comb using this instructable.

What you need:

Soft metal wire (Jewellery wire or like I used copper wire that I got by stripping off the plastic from some waste electrical wires)

Beads (use different types to add variety, this instructable uses all white but in different sizes and shapes)

A pair of scissors/ Wire cutter (depends on the wire you use)

Clip/ Hairband/ Wire comb

Pliers (Optional)

Step 1: Make Individual Units of Small Beads

Take a piece of about 20 cms of wire.Pass about 15 small beads through the wire. Bend the wire at about an inch and let the beads remain at the bent part. Twist the wire to hold the beads together and make a loop. Pass another 15 bead and bend at about an inch. Twist. Do this again a third time. You have a unit of 3 loops.

Make 4 such units. You can make more depending on what you are decorating. This is just to give you an idea.

Take 2 such units and join by twisting the stems. I prefer to twist only a part of the length of wire so that finally winding around the wire comb/ clip/ hairband is easier when its a single wire rather than a twisted double wire.

Step 2: Make Individual Units of Larger Single Beads

I used crystal beads for this because it adds a little sparkle and shine.

Take about 10cm of wire and pass a bead through. Bend at about an inch and half. Twist.

Make about 6 such units or as many as you'd like.

What I did was have two beads on one longer wire at either end so that it is easier to loop to the clip later. But its optional. See what you are more comfortable with.

Step 3: Make a Flower

For this I used small beads, 5 drop shaped beads and one round bead for the center.

Take about 20 cms of wire and pass a drop shaped bead and a small bead through. Bend the wire at about 3 inches. let the wire pass through the drop bead. The small bead acts like a stopper.

Again pass a drop bead and a small bead. Bend the wire as close to the first bead. Bend and pass the wire through the drop bead. Repeat. for 5 such drop beads. It might be a little difficult to get the beads very close to each other or equidistant. Dont worry about that. It will get adjusted when you twist it all together. You have a series of beads that need to be brought together into a flower.

Hold one small bead and twist the wire passing through its drop shaped bead. Do this for the others too. This will automatically bring all the beads closer and resemble the petals of a flower. Pass a round bead through the wire and let it form the center of the flower. twist a part of the two open wires to form a stem.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Place all the units over the accessory you wish to decorate.. so that you have an idea of what you would like to place where and the composition you wish to achieve.

This will also give you an idea of the sequence you will need to follow to put it all together.

Step 5: Winding It All Together

This is a little tricky when it comes to a clip for there is not much to lock the wires to. But a wire comb or a hairband is easier.

SInce the scope to lock the wire to is limited in a clip like the one I have used, I chose to first wind one unit of small beads around the clip and then while winding the second link them together by passing the wire into the other so that they hold each other together rather than slide along the sides of the clip.

Then loop the single units and wind then using the same technique of kind of weaving some part of the wire through to hold them together. you could also place a few single units between the flower like pollen.

Finally take the flower and place it such that it hides the network of wires created. wind its stem around and if you have a plier, press all the wires to flatten them together.

Step 6: Done

You can now arrange the wires as per your liking to give it a final touch.

Done. Put it on and flaunt your creation.

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