Introduction: Wired Gemstone Flower Necklace

About: My beads is a bead store in Australia specialising in jewellery made from wire and gemstone beads.

Create this stunning focal necklace using wire and gemstone beads. We have used Carnelian and Tiger's Eye, but you may choose to use whatever stones/beads you like! We love this design as it allows a great deal of freedom - if you make a mistake or break the wire, simply wind on a new piece of wire and keep going! This design is also quite easy to master; once you get the hang of it, you could make this piece in an hour or so!


7x 25mm Tiger's Eye Faceted Drops

7x 14mm faceted Tiger's Eye oval beads

8x 12mm Carnelian Rice Beads

2x 10mm Carnelian Rice Beads

2x 6mm Faceted Carnelian Round Beads

1x 8mm Carnelian Round Bead

24ga Silver Artistic Wire

Fine Chain

Clasp of Choice

Step 1: Make Your First Flower

Use your 24ga wire and create the first flower as per the diagram.

Step 2: Second Flower

On this step you will be making the drop section that attaches to the first flower that you made.

Step 3: Double Layer Flower

This flower is similar to the first, however you will be making a double layer.

Step 4: Put It All Together!

On this step it is simply a matter of connecting all the pieces together to create your pendant. You can then attach it to a chain or leather to make it into a necklace.