Introduction: Witch House Scenery

Hello everyone!

For this contest I decided to make a witch house scenery. For this project I was helped by my dad, otherwise it would be very hard for one person.The house was inspired from the internet. I decided to make this project because the Halloween theme is exhausted. The first picture, aka the intro picture was shot by a professional photographer, by my neighbor




-hot glue


-toilet paper

-led lamps



Step 1: The House

In the first step, You have to make the basis of the house, and its sides. These sides need to be made symmetrical,then glue them to the basis.After the the two sides are made, you have to make another pair of walls, these will be taller then the previous ones. These two walls will be symmetrical,and you can see them mounted on the second picture.

Step 2: The Roof and the Tower

Now you have to make the roof and the tower. The roof is made out of two pieces of cardboard, faced each other,and then glued to the four walls. The tower is also made out of four panels. two of them are made with a triangular cuts in them. The other two are just simple cardboard panels, matched with the height and width with the other side of the tower.After you finished these small steps, your tower has to look like on the second picture, you will have to make a four sided pyramid,as the top of the tower. These four triangles have to be symmetrical,and at the end glued together on the top of our tower.

Step 3: The Chimney

In this step, the chimney will be made. It is pretty simple, you will make two pairs of sides,and then glue the together. On the top of it ,you will make a rectangle, and a triangle.

Step 4: Little Side 'building'

Now you will make a smaller type of building, which follows the houses method, and it will be made,with a small roof on t. It has to side walls, and one bigger front panel. After you glued it to the house, you have to cut a hole in it for a door.

Step 5: Detailing the Roof,and the House

In this step I made the main details of the roof, on the back side of the house,and then on the front side I made a lot bigger triangular shaped window. After the triangles were made, I cut out the holes for the windows,and the door. I also made the balcony. You can see it on the 4th picture.

Step 6: Making the Details of the House.

In this step you make the tiling, the door, the details of the walls. Now you've done the house.

Step 7: Making the Relief

Now we have arrived to that part of the project when we have to make the relief.This made out of polystyrene.first you have to make the two main parts.The basis and and the back side.

Step 8: Building Up the Hills

Now you will have to cut out big pieces of polystyrene,glue it to the basis, and then shape it the way you like it.To cut the pieces the way you like I recommend using a cutter, but any sharp knife will be good for this job.

Step 9: Covering the Whole Terrain With Toilet Paper.

In this step you will cover the whole thing with toilet paper, and then spray water on its surface.Be careful, everything should be covered, otherwise, it will look worse. After you covered it, you will spray water everywhere.It has to be wet,dont worry, nothing will be ruined while 'watering'. After the surface is wet, I recommend putting on a layer of liquid paper glue with a paintbrush to make sure it will last, and dont rip apart.

Step 10: The Painting

You will paint the whole thing green, and then at some places black,and grey for the more realistic look.Its better to use a thick layer of paint because it will make the green ground look much more better.

Step 11: Making the Moon

The moon.No halloween can be imagined without a moon. Neither this scenery, so i made a moon too. This moon is made out of an orange napkin and a half circle shaped hole in the background.The holes purpose is to make a way for the light that will light the glued orange napkin on the background.I also cut out two tree shaped trees.

Step 12: The Graveyard

Now you will have to make the graveyard, cut a pretty big hole in the ground,and next to it make a polystyrene dirt heap. Paint this heap brownish, and black, and glue it to the ground. For the tombstones, I used polystyrene, i just simply cut out the crosses,and the iconic tombstones.

Step 13: Bones

This is a pretty small step, I just simply made some bones, skulls out of white plasticine. Later these small objects will be used as details

Step 14: The Fences and the Fire for the Cauldron

This step stands for the making of the fences, these are made out of cardboard and toothpick. The fire is made out of an electric candle wrapped in some orange napkins. This candle is placed in the ground, I dug a hole into the ground and placed it in inside of it. The cauldron stands on four toothpicks above the candle it is an old clay bowl.

Step 15: The WITCH

Our principal and only persona,the witch. She is made out of polystyrene,and wrapped in some black gum tape. Her head and hands are made out of epoxy kitt.

Step 16: Photo Shooting

And finally! We are done! For the most amazing look, I decided to use some led lights ,you can see them in the tower,the house,and the tomb. The photographer told us that it would be awesome if we could use some smoke. And I came up with the idea that we could use chinese scent stick,and everything was ready for the photo.

I really hope that you enjoyed my project, see you next time!

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