Women's Shoulder Bag

Introduction: Women's Shoulder Bag

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You can download this PDF pattern here:


The finished size is: 9.3" x 8.3" x 3.1" (23.5cm x 21cm x8cm)


Leather: We advice 2.0mm (5oz) leather for main body, size 70cm x 30cm; 1mm (2.5oz) leather for inner pouch, size 22cm x 16cm.

Hardware: You can have the hardware kit here:


Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here: http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-tools-...

Step 1: Cut All Leather Pieces From Pattern.

Step 2: Punch Stitching Holes.

Step 3: Bevel All Edges and Paint Edge Oil.

You can have the edge oil pen here: http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-tools-...

Step 4: Fold the Inner Pouch and Sew Both Sides.

Step 5: Sew Flap and Back Together.

Step 6: Sew Inner Pouch on Back Piece's Flesh Side According to the Orienting Line.

Step 7: Punch Φ3mm Holes on Front Piece, You Can Adjust the Lock Place As Your Need.

Step 8: Thin Gusset's Edges.

Step 9: Fold and Sew Hanger Like This.

Step 10: Sew Gusset on Back Piece by Inner Fold One Edge.

Step 11: Install Male Lock.

Step 12: Punch Holes for Tabs Button and Female Lock.

Step 13: Install Female Lock.

Step 14: Install Tab Buttons With Hanger, the Bag Is Finished.

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