Introduction: Wood Box Cover Using Hot Glue

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I did this instructable:

and I wanted to use all the wood that left to make a cover and also glued 3D printed part on it.

Hot glue is the perfect choice for me to combine wood/wood and wood/3D printed part easily and fast.


  • Recycled piece of wood
  • 3D printed hinge and decoration
  • glue gun

Step 1: Shape the Cover

First you need to know what will look like the cover based on what you have, so you can start to shape the cover on the box using pieces of wood and check that it's a good cover.

Step 2: Hot Glue It!!

Then using a flat surface, place the parts and start to hot glue. Quite simple: spread the glue, press hard then wait a couple of seconde. Doing this for all the wood parts.

Step 3: Hot Glue the 3D Printed Parts

The hinge:

First check the position of the hinge, and as before, spread the hot glue, press hard, and wait a couple of seconde. Then check that cover open and close properly.

Step 4: Adding Some Decoration

I reproduced that star that I've seen during a trip, I really like its shape and geometry. Here again, spread the glue, press and wait.

Step 5: Having Some Rest

Now that my 100% recycled wood box has a cover, my glue gun can rest and wait for another project :)

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