Introduction: Wood Stick Art Canvas

Canvases are expensive!

So make your own.

Any shape, any size, you call the shots!

Materials Needed:
-Popsicle Sticks
-Metal/wood clips
-Acrylic paint

Step 1: Create Center of Canvas

Follow the steps to create the center of your structure. You will build from this point, so make sure all of your glued sticks are dried and holding strong.

Step 2: Start Building From the Center

Build from the center by connecting the endpoints of the Popsicle sticks in a symmetric pattern.

The goal to growing your structure is maintaining symmetry.

Again, hold each glued joint with a clip until the glue is fully dry (patience is golden)'

Step 3: Create Wood Surface and Paint

Again with the symmetry?


Glue in wood sticks to form a smooth surface to your canvas. Don't worry if there are bumps or spots where the sticks don't come together perfect.

Life isn't perfect, so why should your canvas be?

Once your glue has dried, mix a 50/50 ratio of glue to white acrylic paint and paint your canvas. The ratio helps to strengthen your structure as well as prepping the surface for your beautiful art.

You can repeat this process, creating any shape to paint your heart on. Enjoy!

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