Introduction: Wooden Pocket Knife

Recently I noticed that the size of a jumbo Popsicle stick was about the size of a Swiss army pocket knife. I decided to try to make one. I love how it came out. This instructable will show you how to make an awesome wooden pocket knife too.

Step 1: ​Materials and Tools

The things that you will need in order to build a wooden pocket knife are

- Ten jumbo wood craft sticks (Popsicle sticks)

- Two 1/2 inch lengths of a 1/8 inch diameter dowel

- Strong glue

- Swiss army pocket knife (for carving and also as a model)

- Drill with 1/8 inch drill bit

- Pencil and sanding paper

Step 2: ​The Outer Case

Carve out four Popsicle sticks to the size of your pocket knife. Take two of the four sticks and drill holes a 3/8 inch away from the ends. lay one of the drilled sticks on top of one of the sticks that are not drilled and glue them together. Do the same with the other pair. Then glue the dowels into the pockets of one the sticks.

Step 3: The Tools

Copy the tools from the pocket knife onto the Popsicle sticks with a pencil and carve them out. Drill a hole 3/8 of an inch away from the bottom of the tools. Make sure they fit snugly into the dowel.

Step 4: ​Piecing It Together

Slip the tools into the dowl in the order that there supposed to be in. Then glue the rest of the casing to the dowl.

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