Introduction: Rainbow Flower Seed Paper

When my Dog died a couple years ago :( Somebody gave me a rainbow flower seed paper card to plant in my backyard so that I could remember him. I was touched. recently I remembered this and made some rainbow flower seed paper myself. Rainbow flower seed paper also adds a boom of color, whether planted or not . This instructable tells you my recipe for rainbow flower seed paper and also has some creative use ideas. I hope you enjoy making this instructable!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

In order to make this instructable you will need

- scrap paper

- construction paper

- flower seeds

- a blender

- scissors

- mesh

- and a little water

That's all you need to make this instructable!

Step 2: Prepare Your Paper

Take your scrap paper and tear it up into small bits. Now do the same with some of your construction paper, using whatever colors you like.

Step 3: Blend Your Paper

Now take the pieces of paper and put them in the blender. Compact them slightly with your hand and then add enough water to be able to blend. Blend your paper using a pulsing mode. If you don't have enough water add more. If you have too much water add some more paper. Blend until you have a texture to your liking.

Step 4: Add Seeds

Take your flowers seeds and add them to your paper mixture. Then Mix your seeds in evenly.

Step 5: Dry Your Paper

Put your mixture onto the mesh and spread it out evenly, making it as thin as possible. Leave it to dry overnight or for about 12 hours, in a dark spot so that the seeds don't sprout.

Step 6: Cut Your Paper

After your paper is done drying you can take it off the mesh and cut it into various shapes. There are also many great projects you can do with this paper. Here are some ideas: (1)Cut out a rectangle. Then cut a piece of paper the same width as the rectangle and staple it to the top of the rectangle. Write a message on the front of the paper such as "Happy Mother's day" or "I am sorry for your loss" and on the back write "For your garden, in remembrance". (2)Cut out a heart to give someone for a valentine's gift.

If you have any suggestions or if you built this project please comment below. And don't forget to vote for me! - KTE

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