Introduction: Wooden Wolverine DogTag

Wolverine,a fictional character of the marvel comics. A mutant with Metal ( Adamantium ) Claws which could tear almost anything. Wolverine is not our daily superhero with some unimaginable powers and fame. And that made me his fan. Although, even he too did had Keen Senses, Healing Ability and the three Retractable Claws in each hand but was not same as other super hero who would run in the city saving people and the city from crime, disasters, alien invasions etc. He always wanted to stay away from unnecessary use of powers. (That's my view :-P )

Let me tell you the story behind it....

He was born with retractable bone claws. But was captured by a Canadian Organization who experimented on him and gave him an unbreakable Skeleton and Claws which were made of Adamantium. After the experiment he was given a Wolverine DogTag.

Generally, DogTags are metallic but I tried something different. I tried to make a wooden DogTag with Wolverine engraved on it. But I didn't had any wood working experience. It was my first time. So, Instead of trying the general wood working techniques I gave it a twist by using a Soldering Iron to burn the wood and to engrave the letters.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required :

  • A piece of Wood ( 2.5 X 1 X .25) inches.
  • A Paper Clip

Tools Required :

  • A Firmer Chisel
  • A Mallet
  • A File
  • Hand Saw
  • Sand Paper
  • Wire Cutting and Stripping Tool
  • Ruler, Pencil, Rubber etc.
  • Soldering Iron

These are some very basic Wood Working Tools which are very easily available in any Hardware Store.

Step 2: Chiseling

Chisel out some of the irregularities of the wooden piece.

It was the first time I was using a Firmer Chisel. But Personally Speaking, Chiseling proved to be a very easy task ! In the starting I used a Mallet to apply the pressure but then I was able to chisel without the help of Mallet.

The only thing to take care is the angle at which chiseling is done. If the angle is more, then chiseling would become difficult and there are chances of breaking the wood. So, be careful about the angle at which you use the chisel.

Chisel out some of the irregularities of the wooden piece.

Step 3: Marking

To make the ends curved, first mark 2 semi circles on the two ends of the wood. Diameter of the semicircle is 1 inch.

I used a circle master to make the two semicircle. You can use a compass to make the same.

Then mark the center of one semicircle. This center is the hole through which the ring could pass. I used a hand operated drill machine. Also, their is no specific hole size, you can decide the size of the hole by yourself.

Before Drilling punch a hole at the center with the help of a screw driver so that while drilling the drill does not slip.

Step 4: Drill and Shape

Shape the piece of wood by chiseling the extra part and forming the curve. Drill a hole and widen it with the help of a sandpaper.

Step 5: Filing the Ends

File the ends to give it a perfect curve.

Step 6: Filing and Sanding

With the help of a file, give it a good curve at all the ends. Then with the help of a Sandpaper give it a good and smooth finish.

Step 7: Marking

With the help of a Pencil and Ruler mark the words " WOLVERINE " and " U.S. ARMY " on the wooden piece

Step 8: Engraving

Heat up the soldering iron to the maximum extent and then start the engraving work by pressing it hardly against the marked words. Perform this task with patience. Slowly move the iron over the marking. In first try it would not produce a good burn but keep doing it until you achieve the required quality.

Step 9: Completion

Slowly engrave the whole text. And at last you will get a good engraved text.

Step 10: Making the Ring

Using a paperclip you can make the ring for the DogTag. Open the paperclip and remove the rubber coating, bend it and cut to get the desired ring.

Attach the ring to the DogTag.

I used a paperclip to make the ring because it is very easy to handle and also posses the required strength.

Step 11: Completion

Add the ring to the DogTag. You can also attach a thread to the ring or can use a thin chain for the purpose.

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