Introduction: Work Holder

With this Clamp You Coud Easily Hold twp pieces of wood together .

Making gluing or screwing a lot Easier..

you will need 6 pieces 4" X 1" X 1"

one 10" x 10" X 1/2"

2 X Treaded Rods 15" long or so.....

Glue,Screws,metal washers,small crews,

wood for the handles,


Table saw,

Drill,Drill bits, Hammer,


safety glasses

Step 1: Drilling and Inserts

All the Wood pieces are the same size

Two of them are drilled at the center all the way trough. the other two are drilled just 1/2 way only.

that is where the Rod Goes into.

Glue The Piece With the NUT to the front of Base. at the edge.

the back piece of wood doet not get any glue it Moves.....

Step 2:

about 1/4 from the end of the Rod 15 inches long by 1/2 inch wide...

remove a small amount of material. then screw Rod until it comes out all the way 2 inches or more. make sure it goes into the other piece of wood the one with the hole drilled 1/2 way.

Cut a metal washer in half and drill one hole on each piece to secured in place this keeps the Rod from coming out

but its free to spin.

Step 3:

The other two pieces are to be Glued and screw in to place on one corner of the Base in my case is 10" X 10"

but you could make it bigger if you like.

Step 4:

here we see how this hols the wood in place edge to edge or end to end.

if you are making frames or boxes this helps keep things in place.