Introduction: Worlds Smallest K'nex Orbital Gear Assembly

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Welcome to my Instuctable on how to build the smallest possible orbital gear assembly out of k'nex!

I originally built this to be part of a transmission, however, despite its small size, it was too large for my needs. I thought others would be able to find some use for it, so I decided to post an instructable on it for you!

Step 1: Parts List

Parts required:

2 circle connectors

1 1" grip gear

1 blue spacer

1 peg connector

1 tiny wheel

2 ladder connectors

14 white sticks

12 half slotted connectors

4 slotted connectors

2 yellow sticks (you can also use red or grey sticks instead for longer shafts)

4 light blue or brown 1" gears. (note: they must be light blue or brown which spin freely on a stick)

12 green sticks

1 medium toothed gear

Step 2: The Planetary Carrier

This is the planetary carrier which houses all the gears.

Step 3: The First Shaft

This is the first shaft attached to the sun gear. Slide it through the center of the planetary carrier.

Step 4: The Planet Gears

Place the light blue and brown gears on the diagonal green sticks so that they link with the sun gear. These are the planet gears.

Once the planet gears are in place, slide the small wheel on the rotor over the sun gear. This secures the planet gears in their places.

Step 5: Planetary Carrier Part 2

This is the the second half of the planetary carrier which will hold the ring gear in contact with the planet gears.

Step 6: The Ring Gear

The medium yellow toothed gear will act as the ring gear. Place the ring gear at the very end of the second shaft with teeth pointing out and slide inside the second half of the planetary carrier.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Connect the two halves ensuring the teeth of the ring gear grab the planet gears. Then slide the large gear on the second shaft so that it locks on the white sticks on the planetary carrier.

Congratulations for completing the smallest k'nex planetary gear assembly! Thanks for viewing my project, I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out my other Instructables!

If you post an instructable which uses something from one of my instructables, let me know, I'll post a link to your 'ible in my applicable 'ible

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