Introduction: Worry Dolls

When life's worries become too much to handle yourself, let these Worry Dolls help! Make one for each of your worries, tell it your problems and place it underneath your pillow at night. The Worry Doll will take over the worrying for you and allow you a peaceful night's sleep.

These tiny little Worry Dolls are quick and easy to make and can be personalised to your desire. Change up the colours, use different shaped beads or even play with the twist ties to add some clothes. Make as many or as little as you would like and never worry again!

Step 1: Collect Materials and Equipment


2 x Plastic Covered Twist Ties

1 x Large Bead

Wool (in colour of your choice)




Step 2:

Collect both of the Twist Ties.

Position them in an X, as shown in the photo above, and twist together at the centre.

Step 3:

Fold the bottom two ends upwards towards the centre, as shown in the photo above.

Twist the folded halves together to form the legs.

Step 4:

Push the top ends down so that they form a horizontal line across the top of the body.

Step 5:

Fold the top ends horizontally, before making a second vertical fold.

The twist ties should now appear as they do in the photo above.

Step 6:

Twist together the horizontal wire to form the arms.

Next, twist together the two vertical wires to form the neck.

Step 7:

Collect your Twist Tie Body and the wool.

Step 8:

Starting from the centre of the body, wrap the wool around the entire Twist Tie Body.

You should finish at the top of the neck, leaving some of the wires showing.

Step 9:

Cut the wool from the rest of the ball, leaving a some excess for later use.

Step 10:

Collect your Worry Doll Body and the bead.

Step 11:

Thread the bead onto the excess wool and push it down onto the wire.

Make sure the bead is pushed far enough so that it sits securely on top of the shoulders.

If you need to, you can place some glue on the bottom of the neck before you push the bead onto it, to help hold the bead in place.

Step 12:

Fray the excess wool above the bead by pulling the individual threads apart with your fingers.

This step is optional, but it does give your Worry Doll a cool hairstyle.

Step 13:

Your Worry Doll is complete!

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