Introduction: Snack Packet Pouch

Turn your empty snack packets into a cute multi-purpose pouch! This product is a great way to recycle packaging while creating a unique and fun pouch for yourself or your friends.

Step 1: Equipment and Materials


Fabric scissors

Regular scissors

Sewing machine



1x snack packet (clean and dry)

1x zip (same length as side of packet)

Fabric (colour of your choice)

Thread (colour of your choice)

Step 2: Preparing the Packet

Collect the snack packet and regular scissors.

Cut the top and bottom off the packet, as seen above.

Separate the back and front of the packet by cutting along the sides.

Step 3: Fabric Rectangles

Collect both sides of the packet, fabric, fabric scissors and pencil.

Lay the front of the packet on the fabric and trace around the outside with the pencil.

Cut along the pencil lines to create a rectangle of fabric.

Repeat with the back of the packet.

Step 4: Ironing the Fabric

Iron any creases out of the fabric rectangles.

Step 5: Attaching Packet to Fabric

Collect the packet sides, fabric rectangles and pins.

Place the front of the packet on top of one of the fabric rectangles.

Pin around all edges to hold in place.

Repeat with the back of the packet and second fabric rectangle.

Step 6: Sewing the Sides

Sew along the pin lines using the sewing machine.

Step 7: Preparing the Zip

Collect zip, small square of fabric, pins and fabric scissors.

Cut out two small squares of fabric the same width of the zip.

Pin one to each end of the zip as shown above.

You may want to open the zip a little bit to make this easier on that end.

Step 8: Attaching Zip Tabs

Use the sewing machine to stitch into place, as shown above.

Step 9: Attaching Zip to Packet

Collect the zip and both sides of the snack packet.

Fold one of the long sides of the front over ~1cm. DO NOT iron as plastic will melt.

Place the fold on top of one side of the zip and pin into place as shown above.

Repeat with the back of the snack packet and other side of the zip.

Step 10: Sewing on Zip

Change the foot on the sewing machine to a zipper foot.

Stitch along the pin lines to attach the zip to the snack packet on both sides.

Step 11: Folding the Pouch

Fold the packet in half, with the fabric on the outside.

The zip should be sitting exactly in the middle.

Pin along all sides, except that with the zip in it.

Step 12: Stitching the Pouch

Change the zipper foot on the sewing machine back to the regular foot.

Sew along the pin lines using the sewing machine, but do not sew along the zip side.

TIP: before sewing, open the zip halfway to make it easier to turn inside-out in the next step

Step 13: Neatening

Cut the corners off the bottom of the pouch.

Step 14: Flipping Inside Out

Turn the pouch inside out and you are done!

Step 15: Complete!

These pouches can be made from all of your favourite snacks and thus in the size of your choice.

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