Woven Basket Made Out of Recycled Paper / Junk Mail




Introduction: Woven Basket Made Out of Recycled Paper / Junk Mail

IF you are like me, sick of receiving junk mails that came in the mail everyday, try Using weaving technique similar to the way Indonesian weave plastic coffee sachets.

Step 1: Links Needed for Weaving

The ratio of Wide : Length is 1:4

Step 2: Weave the First Pinwheel

As shown on the picture, you can simply for one link over another and then lock the 4th link to the first one.

Step 3: Weave Your Second Link

Step 4: Build the First Row

You are building the length of your piece, I make 4 pinwheels here.

Step 5: Form Your Base

3 rows are usually a great number to form the base, but you are welcome to try more rows if you like.

Step 6: Form Corners Using 4 Triangles

The hardest part is picking the right point for the corners. Start from the top right to make it easier and follow the picture exactly. When you are done with the right side, flip the left one and do it over. I know I am doing it right when I can 4 triangles somewhat symmetrical.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Weave to your heart content to achieve the height you desire. In this project, I glue the end flaps rather than sewing it.

I added 2 pictures in the end to show you another option if you would like to try smaller size.

Step 8: You Are Done!

If you make 2 exactly the same pieces, it is possible to put them together and you have a close basket.

The smaller one is made out of toilet paper / paper towel rolls.

Happy weaving!

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    6 years ago

    cool never new that news papper was easy to recyclyle!!!


    6 years ago

    You both are right. I was trying to be not too wordy and to show more pictures.

    But I am glad you ask.
    You will need an2cm by 8.5 cm cardboard or any sturdy card to help fold the link. Using this 2 by 8.5 it will be easier so we don't measure the ratio 1:4 constantly.
    Now, zip said 1:4 ratio but depend on the materials, when I cut 8.5 cm of magazine or sturdier paper it gives a little more room when you weave. Weaving exact 1:4 ratio can be tough when the material is sturdier.

    In order to make the link, we need to fold several times. Here's the only pain for this project. :) That is why toilet paper roll is my favorite materials and instant coffee packaging is for another Indonesians. But if you make these links in advance, weaving them is an addicting process.

    In this picture, the newspaper was cut 16 cm by 20 cm. the first fold will form a 8cm by 20 cm. Fold again then you have 4 cm by 20 cm. You then fold again so you get 2 cm by 20 cm. Grab you sturdy 2 by 8.5 cm and place on the middle of your folded rectangle and wrap it around so the left edge meet the right edge. Since they overlap, slip one side into the other side. Take your cardboard out of the link.

    You know you are doing it right when you get 1:4 ratio between wide and length or in this case 2 cm by 8.5 cm or somewhat similar size to your sturdy cardboard.

    I don't use glue, but you can ... It's just extra step that I won't bother doing it. When they woven, they will hold each other.

    I hope this help.

    Happy weaving!



    6 years ago

    I don't fully understand how to fold the links. Can you explain further?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yes, I agree. Cool 'ible but you kind of left out a crucial step.