Introduction: Woven Decoration

This is an easy method to create hand made gifts. If I can do it, you also can!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

a hammer

a ruler

a needle

a few nails

a piece of wood - it doesn't need to be circular

some threads


Step 2: Preparations

I started off by lacquring the wood the previous day, because its looks much better if you lacquer it. But you don't necessarily have to.

You will need a needle, too. If you already have one you are lucky if you don't, you can made it out of a piece of wood or ice cream stick , you only need to drill a hole in it.

Step 3: Step 1.

Hit nails in the wood one centimeter apart from each other like in pic one.

Then tie the end of thethread firmly to the top nail. Then lower the thread down and turn around

the first bottom nail, go up and turn around the second top nail, go down and turn around the 2nd bottom nail,

and so on. At the end, tie around the last nail and cut the thread.

Step 4: Step 2. Weaving

Tie the end of the thread firmly where you want to start weaving.

You need to make it like in the pictures: one under then one above and so on.

Step 5: Step 3. End of the Form

When you want to finish the motif you have to tie the thread like in the pics.

Step 6: Step 4. the Top

It is quite difficult to weave on the top, if you want to have a motif there, the best you can do is to weave it 1 cm belllow and push it to the top.

Step 7: End

I think it's very easy to make it but it takes a long time to do.

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