Introduction: Wrist Cuff Out of Duct Tape Roll

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When I run out of duct tape I see a chance to use the tape roll as the foundation for a wrist cuff!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

* tape roll - I have painted the inside in white
* polymer clay
- Grey for foundation
- 4 shades of green(one for stem/2 for leafes and one for the middle of each flower)
- 3 shades of blue/purple
* paint
* fabric to make texture

* flower cutters
* clay sculpting tools (this is really not neccesary, you can just use your hands to form leafes and tooth pics)

Step 2: Foundation

Apply the base clay evenly around the tape roll.
To remove finger prints and add structure, I pushed a piece of fabric down into the clay.
Cut off any extra clay that hangs over the edges.

Step 3: Leafes and Stem

I used three different greens for stem and leafes. Start with the stem. Roll one of the clays to a thin string. Cut and push it into the cuff.

Then it's time for leafes. I tried to make them look like Hepatica leafes. I used two kinds of green, one dark and one lighter.
I then used a tool (toothpic works fine!) to make the veiners.
I free formed the leafes, some is bigger and some is smaller. This makes it more natural.

Step 4: Flowers

I used a blue and two blue/purple clays for Hepatica flowers. Cut out with flower cutters (commonly used for cake decorating) and place them all over the cuff. I then use the green to make the middle of the flowers.

After this the clay is done so it should go into the oven for 30 min at 110 degrees celsius.

Step 5: Paint

I wanted my cuff to look more rich then it did with only the clay so I painted the entire thing with a paint that is semi transparent with a pearl effect. I thought that it made the colors match better and the cuff to look more expensive.

This is only a question of taste.

This is a perfect thing to practise clay sculpting on, only imagination can stop you.

Good luck!!

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