X415 K'nexterminator Machine Gun

Introduction: X415 K'nexterminator Machine Gun

This is possibly the first detailed Knex machine gun here. this gun is pretty powerful, firing at a good 1100 RPM, depending on what motor you use.

x=# of chainlinks
Rubberbands: x+2
One-slot connectors(gray):4x+1
White rods: x+47
Yellow rods: x+23
Blue rods: x+31
Orange 2-slot connectors: 4x+40
Chainlinks: x
Gray rods: 21
Wire/string: 16"
White connectors: 23
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 16
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 27
Green Rods: 58
Red 3-Slot Connectors:36
Silver Spacers: 66
Blue Spacers: 20
Red Rods: 10
Motors: 1
Red Gears: 3
Gold Gears: 1
Blue 7-Slot 3D Connectors: 18
Purple 4-Slot 3D Connectors: 4
Tabbed Brown Connectors: 5
Total: 452 Pieces!!

Step 1: Chain Links

These are the basic "barrels". Make as many as desired
1 rubberband
4 One-slot connectors(gray)
1 white rod
1 Yellow rod
1 blue rod
4 orange 2-slot connectors
1 chainlink

Step 2: Build the First Front Piece

The first frontish piece
Build 5 gray rods connected to white rods (pics 2+3)

5 Gray rods
5 Orange 2-Slot connectors
5 white rods
2 blue rods
2 yellow rods
1 Yellow/Gray 5-Slot connector
2 Green 4-Slot connectors

Step 3: Build the Second Front Piece

The second frontish piece

Slightly more difficult

4 orange connectors
1 blue 3d connector
1 purple 3d connector
2 Yellow rods
1 commando connector (wierd black piece)
2 Red rods
2 Yellow/orange connectors
1 Blue Rod
6 green rods
2 Red/Granite connectors
3 White rods

Step 4: Build Gear One

A complex gear.

15 Silver Spacers
2 Commando connectors (wierd black things)
3 tabbed Brown connectors
3 Blue spacers
3 red gears
1 Orange 2-Slot Connector
2 Gray 2-slot connectors
2 red rods
1 Yellow rod
2 white 8-slot connectors
4 green rods
3 white rods
1 gray 1-slot connector

Step 5: Assemble

You should now have 3 parts... 2 front and 1 gear

Step 6: The Trigger Handle

This is the part in the back

21 Red 3-slot connectors
12 Blue 3D connectors
13 White Rods
9 Blue rods
7 yellow rods
4 orange connectors
2 Yellow connectors
12 Green connectors
4 Silver spacers
8 blue spacers

Step 7: The Auxillary Handle

This is the front handle
8 yellow rods
7 Red Connectors
4 Yellow connectors
6 Blue Rods
8 white rods
5 green connectors

Step 8: Build Gear Two

This is a simpler gear

4 White 8-slot connectors
1 motor, Large
7 Silver spacers
14 green rods
1 Gold gear
2 tabbed brown connectors
2 blue spacers
2 Gray 1-slot connectors

Step 9: Build the Bar Thingies

Build these two.
2 White 8-slot connectors
2 Orange 2-slot connectors
2 Yellow 5-slot connectors
4 blue rods
4 silver spacers

Step 10: Build the Middle Connector

A thing in the middle

5 White 8-slot connectors
2 blue rods
2 blue 3D connectors
1 Green 4-slot connector
2 white rods
1 purple 3D Connector
7 Green rods

Step 11: Assemble Again

Now you should have some parts...
Get the first assembled part, The two bar thingies, and the front connector

Step 12: Build Two Pieces

Build the first and second things

3 grey rods
1 White 8-slot connector
3 orange 2-slot connectors
1 white rod
3 green rods

Step 13: Build the Block Mechanism

This will stop the motor from spinning.

29 Silver spacers
3 blue connectors
2 White 8-slot connectors
7 blue spacers
10 orange 2-slot connectors
5 white connectors
1 red rod
1 yellow rod
1 rubber band

Step 14: Build and Attach the Bottom of the Aux. Handle

4 Gray rods
5 Green connectors
3 Yellow rods
1 blue rod
3 orange connectors
2 yellow connectors
3 green rods
2 blue 3d connectors
2 purple 3d connectors

Step 15: More Attaching

Attach the block mechanism and the thingy made in step 12
Then Attach gear 2

Step 16: The Block Mechanism to Trigger Connector

You'll build a part now
Nevermind the wire yet

Keep the hinge to the side now.

5 Blue Rods
1 red rod
1 Gray rod
7 Orange Connectors
1 Green connector
4 Red 3-slot connectors
3 yellow connectors
8 green rods
1 Green connector
3 silver spacers
1 Yellow rod
1 Hinge(blue and black)
1 white rod

Step 17: Build More Stuff

more things to build

keep the first thing to the side
Same with the second

2 Grey rods
2 Yellow 5-slot connectors
1 orande connector
1 yellow rod
3 green rods
1 blue rod
1 blue 3d connector
1 green connector

Step 18: Build the Back Connector Plate

The Back Plate
4 Red Rods
9 green rods
3 gray rods
5 White rods
3 Red Connectors
5 White 8-slot connectors

Step 19: Final Attatching

Get ready for a !!LOT!!of attaching
Attach he back plate and one the thingies from step 17 (2+3)
attach the back plate and the trigger(4)
Then Attach step 16(5)
Then Fit The two huge chunks together... sorry that part isnt very detailed but it's simple enough when you look at the pictures and the whole pictures.
Then attach the Hinge thingy
And Attach step 12

Step 20: Rubber Bands and Wire

Now the finishing touches...


16" of wire or string, or less.
1 rubber band

Attach a rubberband to the trigger

Step 21: Optional Display Tripod

This is optional. Alas, you can't shoot with it, as it blocks the chain. It works well for display, though.

You have to modify the gun slightly for the stand. It's a matter of about 3 pieces however so you needn't worry

Pieces to change:
1 Yellow 5-slot connector
1 Purple 3d connector
1 blue 3d connector
4 White connectors
5 Red 3-slot connectors
4 gray 2-slot connectors
9 Gray rods
2 Yellow rods
2 Yellow 5-slot connectors
2 silver spacers
2 blue spacers
3 blue rods
1 blue 3d connector
3 green rods

Step 22: Loading and Firing

Loading and firing is simple
Pull, place, and load!
Take off top, put on chain, put on top!
Now push the black arrow up,
And pull the trigger to fire!!

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    12 years ago on Step 22

    how stable are these rounds? i think the rounds look a little volitale


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    um... wouldn't that take like... oh, i don't know.. maybe 10,000 PIECES!!!. i mean when i get the huge bin of knex in acouple of days, that only takes me to like 3000 pieces ( yeah, i know, it's a midget knex collection) name one person on this site who has less than 3000 pieces(besides me right now)

    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    And oodalumps has more than you AND Mepain???? WTF?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    i do i only have not even 300 pieces but like 5000 pieces are coming in from ebay so i guess they count


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Now I have 6k. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    -probably me. i have ithink about 20000

    Fred the Penguin
    Fred the Penguin

    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I have no idea how many I have most of them are in my SAW so without those Ive only got about 2000


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    i have about 11,000 around there


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    i've got 19000, after lots of eBay, and I'm working on a project that uses a ton of pieces.